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Notes from the field of Assistive Technology


Jumping on Board. Change is good.

ImageI often take photos of drives around the school board district on my way to see students and teachers. Today, this one stood out. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized there was a set of tire tracks on the road in the frame. I wondered. Did they hit the brakes in time? Was anyone hurt? Did they stop for the train?

Often learning new technology is compared to a moving train by many educators. Sometimes we can hop on, other times, it’s moving too quick to catch up to. I can relate! I thought I would never learn all the ins and outs of the various assistive technologies I support in my district. And the first time I tried Google Drive? Anxiety. First attempt at creating my own voice file for Dragon? Tears of frustration.

I learned my reluctance and fear came from thinking I had to master it all in one session. I hear you snickering, dear reader. I was naive. I was a type-A achiever in the nebulous world of fast changing tech. Then I realized. Pick what you NEED for the TASK you need to do. Collaborative writing with students? Use Google Drive and Comments. Course homepage? D2L. Improve writing organization and conventions? Smart Ideas and Word Q.

I may not be at the forefront of the tech revolution in education, but I am no longer afraid to jump in and hang on for dear life when fast changes are coming.

Now, I’m more afraid of letting the train pass me by. There’s too many great things on board.