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The Lone Wolf: No Educator Is an Island

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In continuing with last year’s post (yes, I’m still not posting as regularly as I would like), I think the new semester/term is a great time to rethink the past few months. What worked? What did not? But more importantly, what did YOU do, in YOUR class, for YOUR students? I challenge you to share your struggles and successes with your peers, near and far.

As we start a new semester in secondary classrooms across Ontario, take a moment to think about how you will welcome your new students. What kind of learning environment will you help create? Maybe you’ve been thinking about trying Project Based Learning, or Collaborative Inquiry. Or maybe you want to try using a new assistive technology  tool (HINT HINT LKDSB). Or perhaps your goal isn’t that lofty, but rather simply getting all your students to earn their credit. Wait, that IS rather lofty.

Whatever your goal, this is a friendly reminder to look around. Don’t go it alone! Look around your halls, your district, or your online PLN for support. There are people currently doing in their classrooms, what you want to try. So ask questions, start small, and see what happens. We’re in the age of constant sharing in social media, and in many cases, the age of over-sharing. Too often, many educators are reluctant to seek support from peers. But as educators, we’ve never been better poised to share, and seek help, than we have before. The great John Donne wrote:

                       No man is an island entire of itself;

                       every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;

                                                                          From:  MEDITATION XVII, Devotions upon Emergent Occasions

So too are teachers. The island of education has gone global. We’re all connected by our desire to help students learn and grow. And now we can share with each other our success, and struggles. To the Lone Wolfs: I challenge you too. Come on outside your comfort zone, just a step. We’ve got lots to talk about and share.


Author: Heather Touzin

Secondary Assistive Technology Resource Teacher. I service seven schools in the LKDSB. My focus is students assigned AT for accessing the curriculum.

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