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Making Connections with AT

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SWAC Classroom at Lambton College

SWAC Classroom at Lambton College


October. I think I can safely say for all of us in education, that October is flying by. And with that, the feeling of gearing up for a year’s worth of hard work has also set in. This month I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with grade 9 students in our district who currently use assistive technology to access the Ontario curriculum. Our goal in meeting with these students several times this fall, is to build a relationship of support, and to encourage the continued use of AT in the secondary classroom. This is the first year the LKDSB has had teachers assigned specifically for this task. I’m hopeful this approach will help curb our abandonment issues at the secondary level.

In addition to supporting students, we’re also supporting classroom teachers this fall. Our mandate is to demonstrate system wide software found on our current network image. I’ve been so lucky to show Smart Ideas and Word Q to wide range of classes this fall. In particular, I was very excited to visit the SWAC (School Within A College) classroom at Lambton College this week. This class is a very unique set of students aged 18-20 who require less than 8 credits to complete their OSSD. Students enrolled have the opportunity to complete their OSSD at their own pace, with support from a secondary teacher. I had a great time demonstrating Word Q to these students, and I was very impressed with program and students’ maturity. I know they will succeed in obtaining their goals.

October has been a very busy and vital month in establishing relationships with teachers and students. I’m looking forward to more opportunities to connect with educators in November.




Author: Heather Touzin

Secondary Assistive Technology Resource Teacher. I service seven schools in the LKDSB. My focus is students assigned AT for accessing the curriculum.

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