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Back in the Classroom

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In the past week, and in the next month, I will have the privilege of visiting a dozen teachers and their classes in secondary schools in the LKDSB. I’m demonstrating the OSAPAC software, Word Q and Smart Ideas to grade 9 and 10 classes. These teachers have graciously opened their classroom doors to me, and their students. And it has been incredibly fun and rewarding so far.

Any time students feel like they have something that will actually help them accomplish tasks, they feel empowered. They feel ready to take charge and test it out. It’s the testing out part that is awesome to watch. Students who feel comfortable enough to dive in, and mess around using new software, do so because they have been encouraged, and supported by a great teacher. So thank you to those teachers who are creating such wonderful learning environments for this to happen.

The students I’ve met so far, have embraced the technology, because they see the use for it their studies. It’s not Tumbler, but then again, Tumbler might not have pointers for crafting that perfect essay on A Midsummer’s Night Dream. It’s an important 21 Century Skill to be able to choose the tech that suites the job. And for me to be able to add to the buffet selection of tools, makes for a great teachable moment.


Author: Heather Touzin

Secondary Assistive Technology Resource Teacher. I service seven schools in the LKDSB. My focus is students assigned AT for accessing the curriculum.

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