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Leaving the Classroom Behind


TLD 2013

Bye bye classroom. Hello world! 

After ten very rewarding years at AMSS, I threw caution to the wind, and set sail on an adventure in itinerant teaching. Using my knowledge of AT, I now visit 7 schools in my district on a mostly weekly basis. I get to assist students with AT issues, help Resource Teachers with any concerns about students and/or AT software or hardware, and collaborate with a team of teachers to ensure students at the LKDSB are accessing their AT successfully.

Did I mention it’s an awesome job?

It’s a brand new position with the LKDSB. Which means, we’re learning as we go. Which is awesome. We can adjust and plan according to every school’s needs. I love working on a team and getting to see the fantastic resource rooms in our district. Also,  I still get to work with kids!! Some teachers worry about leaving the classroom, and not having that interaction with students. This job is the best of those worlds.

I’m loving it. Transferring all the wonderful knowledge I gained at AMSS, and sharing it. I’ve learned more this semester, than I ever imagined. 



Author: Heather Touzin

Secondary Assistive Technology Resource Teacher. I service seven schools in the LKDSB. My focus is students assigned AT for accessing the curriculum.

2 thoughts on “Leaving the Classroom Behind

  1. Great new look for your blog.

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